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Master thesis in industrial biotechnology

Who are we

Genetic engineering of industrially relevant, non-conventional yeast for value-added products.

Insempra is a biology-powered company enabling businesses to make superior products with nature. We combine bioscience and technology to grow matter for new and better products. 
With our precision fermentation technology, we use different chassis to grow customised ingredients. Various microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria serve as our biological factories. We tap into the ancient technology that brought us beer and cheese to make superior products for everyday use.
We are a team of scientists, engineers and business experts from diverse backgrounds brought together by a passion for creating sustainable products for forward-looking customers.
Non-conventional yeasts show a lot of potential for sustainable chemical production because they can use diverse feedstocks, tolerate harsh conditions, reduce competition with food production, and help bioconvert waste materials into valuable products. However, the genetic tools to engineer some of these strains still need to be developed. We are looking for a Master level student to pursue their thesis research at Insempra on the topic of engineering of non-conventional yeasts.

We offer:

  • Practical real-world experience and the opportunity to collaborate with a team of experts in strain engineering who are dedicated to supporting you in your research and preparation of your thesis
  • Access to a fully-equipped lab and cutting edge technology
  • An international team passionate about sustainability; English as a working language.
  • The independence to set your own schedule 

For this position you will perform the following duties:

  • Development of new tools for engineering of non-conventional yeast strains
  • Cloning and engineering of strains, cultivation and analysis of phenotypes
  • Documentation of experiments in the ELN
  • Reporting and presenting the findings at internal meetings

Your profile:

  • Currently enrolled at a university and pursuing a Master’s degree in biotechnology, metabolic engineering or related field
  • Experience in wet lab work
  • Organized and structured work
  • Interest in industrial biotechnology

General Data

Start date: 01.11.2023 or as soon as possible. This is a job and project for 6 -12 months. 
To apply, please attach a current CV, a cover letter and a transcript of records as one pdf.

​We eagerly anticipate your application and the opportunity to have you on board. Become a valued member of our lab technician team and contribute to groundbreaking discoveries in the field of biotechnology.

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