Superior products by nature

Insempra is a biology-powered company enabling businesses to make superior products with nature. We combine bioscience and technology to grow matter for new and better products.

We are committed to driving the regenerative revolution to manufacture at scale in collaboration with nature.

About us

We grow lipids, fibers and functional ingredients

With our precision fermentation technology we use different chassis to grow customized matter that fits specific needs. Various microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria serve as our biological factories. We tap into the ancient technology that brought us beer and cheese to make superior products for everyday use.


We grow oils locally, for cosmetic and food applications, replacing agriculturally and petrochemically sourced lipids, eliminating their negative impacts like deforestation.

Insempra Fibers


Everyday materials such as polymers and textiles are based on petrochemicals. Our technology offers a biobased alternative.

Functional Ingredients

Scent, flavor, color, and other properties are what make our favorite food and personal care products particularly special. Increasingly, these ingredients come from exploitative processes. Our biological solution brings nature back to our senses.

Our approach

We are market-driven and technology-agnostic. We always start by looking at the product and the needs behind it, posing questions like: What are the challenges and opportunities? How can we make the product better for people and the planet at the same time?


Latest news

10 things Insempra looks for when scouting new tech

Finding partners that are a good fit for Insempra’s model means analyzing loads of academic institutions, SMEs, start-ups and innovative business units at corporations. We have created a framework of ten criteria to evaluate new technologies in order to make decisions more quickly. We use this framework while looking for new potential partners and collaborators.
Insempra Fibers

Insempra, formerly Origin.Bio, announces strategic investment in Solena Materials

Strategic investment to support the foundation of Solena Materials, a spin-out from Imperial College London, accelerating the development of synthetic fibers for high-performance, intrinsically sustainable clothing and Carbocycle join forces to revolutionize the chemical industry towards a regenerative future, a biotechnology company, and the team of Carbocycle, a spin-off from Columbia University, are joining forces to produce tailor-made lipids torevolutionize the chemical industry towards a regenerative future.

This Company Is Freeing Manufacturers From Petrochemicals With Biology

Origin.Bio announced today that it has secured $15 million of funding led by EQT Ventures. The company plans to use the funding to expand technology and bring sustainable ingredients to brands all over the world.

Nature grows
— and so does our community.

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