The time to restore the balance between people and the planet is now.

Discover how Insempra is driving the regenerative revolution


Growing a better future with nature

Insempra’s technology is paving the way to new, sustainable ingredient solutions that will enable brands to liberate themselves from depending on chemical or naturally extracted sources.

We are committed to driving the regenerative revolution to manufacture at scale in collaboration with nature.

The time to restore the balance between people and the planet is now.

Humanity is facing a number of dramatic environmental challenges that we collectively need to address to ensure a better future for our planet.

There is much work to be done. Insempra is working actively on addressing these challenges with our circular manufacturing approach, new bio-based ingredients and the passion to make change happen.

Petrochemical dependency

Depletion of natural resources, waste, & pollution.


Marine plastic pollution

There are 600 million tons of plastic in our oceans.



Only 10% of the world’s forests will be left by 2030.


Agriculture & land-use

25% of the greenhouse gas emissions come from land clearing, crop production, and fertilisation.

Loss of biodiversity

Biodiversity has depleted
by 68% in the last 50 years.

Climate change

With humans being the main cause, CO2 is at its highest point in more than two million years.

Growing a better future with nature

2nd Generation Feedstock

Insempra uses diverse second-generation feedstocks in its sustainable biotechnological production. Unlike first-generation feedstocks (i.e. food crops), second-generation feedstocks are derived from non-food sources like lignocellulosic biomass (crop residues, forest waste, etc.) and non-food oil-rich plants.

This circular principle emits minimal pollution during production, promotes resource efficiency and minimises waste.

Precision Fermentation

Fermentation is a non-extractive process that relies on microorganisms and natural ingredients such as sugar, salt, and water and alternatively second-generation feedstocks such as agricultural waste.

By utilizing this method, we produce natural ingredients with exceptional performance, much like the brewing of beer or the culturing of cheese.

Insempras Committment

We are committed to driving change and support a number of the UNESCO and Sustainable Development Goals.


More and more brands are committing to a sustainable future

“By 2030, 95% of our ingredients in formula will be bio-based, derived from abundant minerals or from circular processes.”

“100% of the Group’s new products will result from ecodesign by 2030, with a minimal environmental footprint from extraction of materials through their transformation.”

“We’re on a mission to put nature loss into reverse. Our goal: A deforestation- free supply chain by 2023 (palm oil, paper and board, tea, soy and cocoa).”

“This company is freeing manufactures
from petrochemicals with biology”


Collaborating to grow a better future

Insempra works with leading academic and industrial partners to scale the technology that is shaping the future of sustainable ingredients.

Whether you represent a business, want to join our team or have a technology with potential — we would love to hear from you.

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